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Yuhua Lee (1991), a designer based in Tainan, Taiwan. She is interested in Branding, Interior Design, Typography, Website Design, Photography, and Painting. Her works emphasize on essence and details. She believes that design is putting oneself in another's shoes with thoughtful, and transforming it into specific ideas that can carry out.

After graduated from the Department of Material Art & Design (B.A.) at Tainan National University of Arts in 2013, Lee joined a digital advertising agency as a graphic designer who is mainly responsible for the visual presentation of SMEs' ads. She also has an experience of merchandising design assistant in department store. Lee has worked freelance of graphic design (including visual identity, typography ,web front-end and packaging design) for 4 years. She is now a in-house designer for a renovation company, executes interior design, graphic design, and branding.



李俞樺 (1991) 來自台南,熱衷於品牌設計、室內設計、字體排印、網頁設計、攝影與繪畫,注重本質與細節,她認為設計是將設身處地的體貼,轉化成具體的構思予以實踐。2013年於臺南藝術大學材質創作與設計系畢業後,進入數位廣告代理商擔任平面設計一職,主要負責中小企業的廣告視覺呈現,並參與網站規劃與網頁美術;亦有百貨陳列設計助理之經驗。經歷4年的平面設計自由接案,項目包含視覺識別、排版設計、網頁前端與包裝設計。目前擔任室內裝修公司設計師,執行室內設計、平面設計、品牌設計。

技能/  室內設計規劃、平面設計與排版、識別設計規劃、網頁前端設計規劃、品牌經營規劃

工具/  AutoCAD、SketchUp、Artlantis、Illustrator、Photoshop、HTML、CSS、jQuery、RWD

語言/  中文、Eglish

2019 —  今  匠首工程 設計師

2015 — 19  自由接案 平面設計師

2015 — 16  新光三越台南新天地 陳列設計助理

2013 — 14  愛台灣資訊 平面設計師

2009 — 13  臺南藝術大學 藝術學士 (畢)




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